Mission & Vision

Our Mission Statement

Through patience, understanding and example,
Guide every student on their path to Black Belt.

Build awareness of the long-term benefits
To be acquired by achieving a Black Belt.

Involve Parents, Family Members and Friends in the overall
development and Improvement of our Dojo.

As students, Instructors and Black Belts, continue to learn,
Perfect and share our knowledge and skills with others.

Our Stated Values

  1. Maintain an atmosphere of family, learning, growing and fun in Body Mind and Spirit
  2. Promote safety, strong morals, and acceptance of the personal differences of others.
  3. Build relationships based on trust, honor and respect.
  4. Maintain integrity and excellence in all of our programs and services.

Our Goal

Every student achieves their Black Belt, and all the qualities and benefits
Associated with a Wado Black Belt. Inside and outside the Dojo.

Our Purpose

To take every student one step closer to their Black Belt at the end of each class.
To make the whole process enjoyable.

Wado Black Belt

A Wado Black Belt works to demonstrate and improve the following qualities:
Healthy body, mind and spirit – Leadership – Willingness to serve others – Modesty – Courtesy – Integrity – Respect – Truth – Honor – Self Control – Discipline – Patience – Perseverance –
Self Defense Skills – Fudochi (unmovable spirit)

Everyone at the Arizona Wado Karate & Martial Arts Center does their best to live by our Dojo precepts and motto.

Dojo precepts:

  1. Uphold the principles of propriety and courtesy.
  2. Cultivate the spirit of effort.
  3. Perfect a mind of patience.
  4. Live the way of truth
  5. Do not lose self control or act in a violent manner.

Our Dojo Motto
“Honor in All Things”

Remember the Goal is the Process


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