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Sensei Marlon Moore
Hachidan – 8th degree black belt
sensei@arizonawado.com 480-839-3009

“Honor in All Things”
Our chief instructor is 8th degree black belt Sensei Marlon Moore. He founded Arizona Wado Karate association in 1976. He also is the founder of Christian Martial Arts Association and American Wado Karate (National).In 1979 Sensei Marlon was named to the United State’s Team to compete in Tokyo, Japan. The US Team competed in several tournaments and won a Gold Medal in the World Friendship Tournament. Sensei Marlon was personally undefeated in this tournament.In 1983 Sensei Marlon was again named to the US team to compete against the Canadian National Team. The US Team, again, won the Gold Medal.Sensei Marlon has competed in many local and national tournaments often placing or winning 1st place.He is dedicated to carrying on the tradition of karate. 

Sensei Marv Bradley

I was born and raised on the Navajo Nation in Tuba City, Arizona. Our daughter Melissa, trained in Wado Ryu and earned a Black Belt when she was 13 years old. I have been training in martial arts for 30 years and I still teach and train every week. I have also competed and placed in karate tournaments.

I earned a BS in Electrical Engineering and worked as a digital embedded design engineer for various military systems in the defense industry for 43 years.

I also earned a BS in Business Administration, a BS in Information Technology, and a Masters in Business Administration.

Yondan- 4th degree black belt – Wado Ryu Karate Do

Godan- 5th degree black belt – Japan Karate Federation Shito Kai Karate Do

Sandan- 3rd degree black belt – Okinawan Kobudo (weapons) Ryukyu Anshin Bujutsu Kyokai

Styles: Taira Ryu, Yamanni Ryu, Ryuei-ryu and Matayoshi Ryu

Weapons: Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Kama, Nanchaku, oar, Tekko,Jo and Sword

Shito Kai Licensed International Instructor

USA National Karate Federation – Certified B Kata Judge and B Kumite Referee

Train in Japanese Nanban Sato Ryu Kempo Jujutsu

Train in Filipino Martial Art Giron Bahalana Escrima (stick and knife fighting)


Sensei Kelly Chipman
Karate, 6th degree black belt

Began Martial arts journey at the age 7 in Salt Lake City, Utah. At age 14 began training in Kung Fu. Age 15 began training in Wado Ryu Karate, under the Japan International Karate Do Association. Age 19 added training in Bushi no te Ryu, under direction of founder Sensei Fred Bode, Which is an aikijitsu system with emphasis on self- defense kumite rather than sport kumite. Age 23 received Black Belt and opened a small karate class in Kaysville, Utah, appointed to board of USA Wado Karate Association. Teaching at a community center twice a week to friends and coworkers, class expanded to children’s classes.Received 2nd degree black belt in Bushi no te Ryu. Opened Rocky Mountain Karate dojo at 5 point Mall in Bountiful, Utah while classes continued at Rose Park, Bountiful Elks lodge, and a new community center in Granger, Utah. Relocated due to work to Phoenix in January 1994 and began training and assisting Sensei Marlon Moore. Awarded 3rd degree black belt in Wado-Ryu in a test officiated by Shihan Osaka. Awarded 4th degree black belt by Sensei Marlon Moore, Arizona Wado Karate Association. Awarded 6th degree black belt by Sensei Marlon Moore, Arizona Wado Karate Association.

7/1/2018 –  Head Instructor of Arizona Wado karate.

Sensei Billy Erickson
Shodan 1st degree black belt

Sensei Erickson’s martial arts training started in 1996 when he moved to Arizona and began is study in Wado Karate. Since that time, he has competed in numerous tournaments, helped others find their way in martial arts, and started teaching Wado Karate under Sensei Marlon Moore in 2011. He says that the most outstanding achievement of his martial arts career was when he and his father Sensei Fred Erickson were invited to compete on Team USA in the Wado Ryu World Championships in Tokyo in 2002. Billy was the youngest competitor in the competition at age 17 and Sensei Erickson was the oldest at age 48. Billy Erickson believes that what you can gain from the study of martial arts and the friends and family that you will make during the life long process will always out way any punch or kick that you may take along the way. He hopes to continue training for the remainder of his life and once again someday to be the competitor that he was when he was younger.

Fred EricksonSensei Fred Erickson
Sandan – 3rd Degree Black Belt
fred@kca-inc.com 480-225-8193

“Fudochi – Immovable Spirit”
Sensei Erickson’s martial arts training started in 1975 when he studied and competed in an obscure Okinawan style of Karate; Sholin. Following the closure of the dojo 5 years later, he took up Judo. He trained and competed in Judo for another 2 years. 20 years later in 1997, he re-kindled his passion for the martial arts and took up Wado Karate. Since that time, he has competed in over 80 tournaments, won 4 back-to-back Wado Ryu national championships and 3 AAU National Championships. He says that the most outstanding achievement of his martial arts career was when he and his son Billy were invited to compete on Team USA in the Wado Ryu World Championships in Tokyo in 2002. Billy was the youngest competitor in the competition at age 17 and Sensei Erickson was the oldest at age 48. He finished in a tie for 9th place in the world. On October 30, 2005, Sensei Erickson won the FSKA World Kumite Championship, defeating the 2-time defending world champion in two overtimes. In 2010, Sensei Erickson qualified to represent the USA at the Wado Kai World Cup in Nagoya, Japan in the Open age division, heavyweight division and team competition. Sensei Erickson finished 9th in the heavyweight division and the team finished 5th overall out of 34 countries represented. Sensei Erickson competes regularly in every available local, regional, national and international competition.

Sensei Nathalie Rodkey
Sandan – 3rd degree black belt
Sensei Craig Berbling
Sandan – 3rd degree black belt

My training started at 12 in Chinese based arts for several years. I took a 27 year break and am now in my 12th year of training Wado. I
also train in Judo, and I practiced Kobudo for 2 years.
Martial arts changed my life for the better and in many ways. I could not imagine life without it.

I have been teaching or assisting for about 8 years and enjoy helping
others grow. My main interest is in the practical self defense
applications of all martial arts.

Sensei SeanSensei Sean Greene
Shodan, 1st degree black belt

Sensei Doug Jennings
Shodan, 1st degree black belt

I’m an active 42 year old who has always wanted to study martial arts. I have been a student in Wado since 2005. I have been teaching Wado for 4 years to students of all ages. I have competed in many different karate tournaments around Arizona, taking first in kata on several occasions. I have also attended many seminars, learning from instructors like Sensei Demura and Sensei Takahashi, who have taught me new ways of evaluating my technique. I have taught defensive tactics professionally and in seminars geared toward teaching women techniques to be safer.

I have two teenage boys who were also students of Wado as well as my wife of 21 years. I have interests in hiking, shooting, playing softball and camping.

Anna CarnesSensei Anna Carnes
Nidan – 2nd Degree Black Belt

“Kantoku – Grace under pressure”
Anna began taking karate after being inspired by watching her children take their classes with Sensei Marlon. She had no idea at the time how much karate would impact her life. She says the benefits are tremendous. To feel physically fit is wonderful, but even more so, she enjoys the mental fitness that it has brought into her life. “It is a great stress relief!”

Anna has been teaching classes at the dojo for over nine years. She absolutely loves sharing her passion with the students she teaches. She also loves to compete, so she spends quite a bit of time training specifically with this in mind. She took first place at the 2008 Ozawa Cup in Las Vegas and first place at the 2008 Wado Kai World Championships in Vancouver, Canada.

Michael GaughnSensei Michael Gaughn
Shodan, 1st degree black belt

Sensei Mike began his study of Wado in 2003. He is a first degree black belt in Wado. He continues to train with Sensei Marlon and teaches beginning and intermediate students. Sensei Mike began his study of the martial arts in 1971 and has studied various martial arts including Tai Kwon Do, Judo, Tai Chi, Kenpo Kung-fu, Karate, Jui Jitsu, Chin Na, Japanese sword and Shou Shu. He holds a first degree black belt in Shou Shou, a Mandarine Chinese form of animal style kung-fu. Sensei Mike and his wife Maureen live in Chandler, Arizona.

Sensei Alex Ganssle-St. John
Nidan – 2nd degree black belt

Alex Ganssle-St. John has been training in Wado Karate for over 15 years,which is longer than most of his students have been alive. In that time, he’s gotten his second-degree black belt and had a brief experience training in Judo. Sensei Alex enjoys his training and he truly enjoys teaching children’s classes.

Outside of the dojo, Alex graduated 2nd in his class from Marcos de Niza high. He now attends the University of Advancing Technology where he studies Game Programming. He enjoys playing in the university’s Rock Band Club (playing the video game) and playing actual real guitar every now and then.

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