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30 years ago Japanese martialists and sword masters created from the famous Toyama sword style. The founder, Tanabe Tetsundu and some of the strongest swordsmen in Japan called this new school of thought, Goshindo, later nicknamed Chanbara.

Through the combative sport and Chanbara, coupled with advances in foam chanbara swords, students can now practice this ancient Japanese martial art.

This technology allows the student to use and control the sword at 100% of one’s power, strength and speed without pain and injury. Moreover, the Chanbara system allows the average person the opportunity to practice a martial art that only the elitist practiced.

Students will learn all of the differnt sword strikes and blocks, footwork and traditional Iaido sword katas. They will also participate in safe sparring and in Chanbara tournaments if they desire to do so.

6-18 years old.

Class Schedule:
Monday from 6:00 – 6:30pm
Wednesday from 4:30 – 5:00pm

$40.00 per month ($30.00 for existing Karate students).

Equipment Needed:
Head Gear -$50.00
Foam Sword – $50.00
Wooden Sword with scabbard -$40.00



Okinawan Kobudo

Kobudo is derived from Ko which means “ancient”, Bu which means “martial”, and Do which means “the way”. Therefore, Kobudo literally means “the ancient martial way”. Kobudo can also be referred to as Kobujutsu. Jutsu means “the art”, so Kobujutsu literally means “the ancient martial art”. Both of these terms are currently used interchangeably to refer to the traditional weapons arts in general. The Kobudo or Kobujutsu (weapons) class that is taught at the Chandler Dojo is a traditional Okinawan martial art. The 2 systems of Kobudo that are taught at the Dojo are from the Okinawan Kobudo of Taira Shinken and from the Okinawan Kobujutsu of Yamanni Chinen.


Anshin Bujutsu Kyokai

Anshin Bujutsu Kyokai is a Karate and Kobudo organization headed and founded by Rabino Ted Sensei. The Kobudo at the Chandler Wado Kai Dojo is part of the Anshin Bujutsu Kyokai organization and the Kobudo is taught as a separate martial art from the Wado Karate.

Bradley Marvin Sensei is the primary Kobudo instructor at the Dojo and Rabino Sensei also teaches at the Dojo on occasion. Rabino Sensei also conducts all Kobudo rank grading and ensures that the Kobudo that is taught at the Dojo follows the standards as established by Rabino Sensei.

A set curriculum is followed and rank in Kobudo can be achieved through periodic testing. The ranking in Kobudo is separate from the ranking for Wado Karate.

The types of weapons that are used are the following: the Bo (6 foot wooden staff), the Sai (metal truncheon), the Tonfa (wooden mill handle), Nunchakun (2 short wooden sticks tied together with rope), the Nichogama (2 short handled sickles), the Oar (wooden boat oar), the Sword (iaito and wooden boken), and the Jo (a 4 foot wooden staff).

Knife fighting and defense, Kendo practice, and the Philippino art of Escrima are also occasionally taught by Rabino Sensei as part of the weapons class at the Dojo, but these arts are not the primary focus of the weapon arts that are taught.

The Kobudo (weapons) kata from Taira Ryu Ha and from Yamanni Chinen Ryu are taught, as well as the bunkai (applications) for each kata. Kobujutsu waza (techniques) are also taught for weapon vs. weapon, such as bo vs. bo, bo vs. sai, bo vs. tonfa, etc. One step offensive and defensive waza is first taught, then two step, and then three or more step waza is then added as the student progresses. Weapon takeaways are also taught for weapon vs. weapon as well as for weapon vs. empty hand.

Yakusoku kumite (pre-set sparring) is practiced and free sparring with bogu armor is practiced as well.



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