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Truth – Honor – Modesty – Courtesy – Self-control – Perseverance – Leadership
Self confidence and Fudochi (Unmovable spirit)

Body – Mind – Spirit

These are the values and habits we work to improve.

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Karate Belt Ranking System

  1. 4 to 12 years old
  2. Teens
  3. Adults

White Belt; Karate Belt Testing

  1. 4 to 12 years old: White belt to white with a yellow stripe down the middle.
    Test and Answers.
  2. 4 to 12 years old: White with a yellow stripe down the middle to 
    White with a Black stripe down the middle.
    Test and Answers.
  3. 13 to 18 years old: White to Yellow Belt.
    Test and Answers.
  4. Adults: White to Yellow Belt.
    Test and Answers.

Iron on Stripes

  1. Directions for attaching iron on stripes and the different stripe colors.
  2. Special Wado Warrior Champion Stripes
  3. 4-12 years old earn Black Stripes and prepare for belt testing. Includes dojo rules.

Belt testing primary requirements:

  1. 4 to 18 year olds. Master level program. Yellow through Brown Belt.
  2. Adults. Master level Program. Yellow through Brown Belt.
  3. New Yellow Belts

Dojo etiquette

  1. Traditional Japanese Dojo Etiquette and our Wado Karate Dojo Etiquette

Special drills, kicking kata’s, Kihon kata’s

  1. Kata (definition)
  2. Kicking kata’s examples
  3. Kicking kata’s list
  4. Kihon Kata #1 with detailed instructions
  5. Kihon Kata #1 through #6
  6. Punching drill and Striking drill’s #1 – #2 – #3
  7. The Rhythm of Kata
  8. Kata By Master Otsuka
  9. Kata –List of all our Wado kata’s. 
  10. Dachi (stances)

Sparring Classes, required equipment and regulations

  1. Sparring Classes and Required Equipment. Master Level Programs.
  2. Sparring Regulations.
  3. How to improve your sparring
  4. Timing in combat

General Information

  1. What is a True Martial Artist?
  2. Dachi (stances)
  3. Basic Wado Principles in Blocking
  4. Kata
  5. The rhythm of Kata
  6. Kick pivoting and balance practice
  7. Senpai and Kohai
  8. Washing the dojo floor
  9. Wado Principles by Doug Jepperson
  10. Deshi
  11. Our Beginner’s Creed
  12. Secret to longevity by Grand Master Hironori Ohsuka
  13. Judged by character not fists by Sensei Michael Gaughan
  14. Words to ponder and think about
  15. The first step to teaching your body
  16. What I believe a black belt should be
  17. Kaizen
  18. Martial Artists are dedicated
  19. Karate –ka
  20. Levels of Learning

Brown Belts

  1. Brown belt requirements and pledge.

Black Belts

  1. Dojo – Ryu – Black Belt
  2. Dan testing application, test requirements and pledge
  3. Shodan written test
  4. Basic Black Belt requirements Shodan through Godan
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