Sensei Moore’s Mission Trips to Kosova


2004 through 2011

Karate Class in Kosovo

2004 through 2011  
For the past several years, Sensei Marlon Moore and Art Aguayo (an ex-professional soccer player) have traveled to the war torn country of Kosova where they have provided sport camps for children. Sensei Moore has also taught at many of the local Karate (mostly Shotokan) and Tae Kwon Do schools. The students train very hard and with the help of excellent Karate instructors, they have developed top notch students, many of which have become national and international champions. The sport camps are a program put together by Bethany Community Church (now Sun Valley Community Church). All of the money has been raised by Karate students, Sensei’s (instructors) and family members.

“We have been blessed so much by the warmth and friendships we now have in Kosova,” says Sensei Moore. He continued, “It is our hope, God willing, to continue to go every year. We also hope that through sports and the love of Jesus Christ, we can reconcile the Kosovar Albanians and the Serbian people. It is a very poor country and the children there have no activities other than playing outside.” As you watch the slide show, you will see the happy faces of children and adults. Happy because we, as Americans, care about them and we, as Christians, love them. Thank you all for your prayers and support.
In 2009 we also visited an orphanage and a Down syndrome center. We just played with the children and had fun with them. These children seem to get lost in everyday life. Their love and warm smiles blessed us very much. We have continued to work with the Down Syndrome Center as a part of our trip.
In 2009 we also visited Belgrade Serbia at the request of a Serbian friend of Sensei Marlon’s, Tanja Petrovich. We were treated very well by everyone in Serbia and also enjoyed working with the karate clubs and soccer clubs in Serbia.Karate students

It is our hope and prayer that through sports, and the love of Jesus Christ for all people, the two groups can build bridges of friendship and hope for a better future.



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