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Hot or Cold?

People are easily confused about treating sports injuries. Should an ice pack or the heating pad be applied? Our bodies go through stages as we heal: acute, sub acute and chronic. This first step in treating any injury is determining which stage of injury is being experienced.

The first stage, the acute stage, begins with …

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Heavy Bag Training

If used properly, heavy-bag training is a good substitute for a live training partner. It provides an opportunity to practice powerful hand and foot combinations against a solid moving target that reacts to being struck. Individual or combination techniques can be focused toward varying heights. Distancing can be either long-range (kicks) or very close-range (elbow …

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How to train properly for Karate competition + belt testing

What do you do when you’re completely exhausted, spent and “done” but there’s still time left on the clock or you have another match coming up? Fatigue can be your toughest opponent, simultaneously attacking your thoughts, emotions and body, trying to get you to quit. Fatigue is not all in your head, but how you …

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