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Holiday Schedule 2018

The dojo will be closed the following Holidays:

January: Monday 15th – Martin Luther King Jr.

March: Saturday 31st – Easter

May: Monday 28th – Memorial Day

July: Wednesday 4th, Thursday 5th and Saturday 7th – Independence Day

September: Monday 3rd – Labor Day

October: Wednesday 31st – Halloween

 November: Wednesday 21st, Thursday 22rd &

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Sensei Moore’s Mission Trips to Kosova

2004 through 2011

Karate Class in Kosovo

2004 through 2011  
For the past several years, Sensei Marlon Moore and Art Aguayo (an ex-professional soccer player) have traveled to the war torn country of Kosova where they have provided sport camps for children. Sensei Moore has also taught at many of the local Karate (mostly Shotokan) and Tae Kwon Do …

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Hot or Cold?

People are easily confused about treating sports injuries. Should an ice pack or the heating pad be applied? Our bodies go through stages as we heal: acute, sub acute and chronic. This first step in treating any injury is determining which stage of injury is being experienced.

The first stage, the acute stage, begins with …

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Free Self-Defense Class

When: Saturday, April 21, 2012 – 11:35 thru 12:30 

Where: SW corner of Alma School and Warner

Teens and Adults
Men and Women

Please call to make a reservation
or email…

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Heavy Bag Training

If used properly, heavy-bag training is a good substitute for a live training partner. It provides an opportunity to practice powerful hand and foot combinations against a solid moving target that reacts to being struck. Individual or combination techniques can be focused toward varying heights. Distancing can be either long-range (kicks) or very close-range (elbow …

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